Saturday, September 27, 2008


Today when I am posting this recipe I am remembering my good old friend Dona and Daniel .Daniel was a very decent handsome guy living just in front of Dona’s apartment where all we girls used to party till late night every weekend. We have never seen Daniel taking any kind of interest in us and we use to make fun about this spiritual neighbor of Dona.
That Friday we were all hip hoping in Dona’s apartment suddenly the door bell rang Dona opened the door and all of us were stunned to see Daniel with bunch of flowers . Dona introduced Daniel with all of us but Daniels eyes were continuously staring Dona and all we Girl Gang smell that sweet thing everywhere- Yes you guessed it right.

Dona was a very good cook but that night when she served this dish the taste was just out of this world. It may be so that love add more taste to life than anything.

• Butter-20grms
• Gorgonzola Cheese-50grms
• Spinach leves-50grms
• Double cream-50grms

For gnocchi-

• Boiled and mashed potato-900grms
• Flour-200grms
• Salt-according to taste
• Black pepper powder-10grms

Boil and mashed the potato very well so that their remain no lumps in it. Now add flour to the mixture little by little and make a soft dough . now take some portion from the dough and shape them like sausage you can sprinkle some flour in it if needed. Now slice square pieces and your gnocchi is ready.

Now put a pan and heat some butter then add double cream .Your sauce is ready now add spinach leaves and gnocchi into this add some salt according to taste. Stir a little .Add cheese and cook for another one minute.
Now add black pepper and serve hot immediately.

This recipe is not for those who maintain strict diet for weight loss. this is for those who sometimes indulge in such eating to pamper their emotional health.

O! Ho! I haven’t completed Dona’s story that night, we leave at about 12.30 .We don’t want the love birds to be disturbed any more. We are expecting some spicy news next morning.

I will tell you about that funny incident in my next post.
Don’t forget to come back.

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