Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We are what we eat is the old adage. Choose well .Food can be a conscious choice.

The thumb rule of healthy eating is EAT WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY.

Avoid eating before the previous meal has fully digested(approx.3-6hrs between meals).

Use your hunger like a fuel gauge :0is so empty that you are starving , 10is so full you can barely move.

Do not eat too slowly or too quickly. Eat up to 3/4 of your capacity. Leaving some space in the stomach (about1/3 to 1/4 empty) makes digestion a lot easier. At the end of the meal you should not feel too full or hungry.

Avoid eating food while you are standing. Always sit comfortably and have your food and try to take your food on the same time each day .

Eat in a calm and pleasant atmosphere with your near and dear ones and avoid any kind of argument while having food .

Chew your food well and don't just swallow your food. The digestive process begins in the mouth.

If possible make lunch your main meal because food are digested well in day time because of sunlight. Breakfast and dinner should be light in quality and quantity. You can try some delicious raw food recipe for such time which are easy to make time saving and really good for health.

Avoid working ,reading or watching TV during meals .Attention is what activates everything in the Universe. You digest the environment through all your senses and will metabolize all those stress and fear chemicals into your body if you watch a violent TV show while eating.

Never eat when you are upset. It is better.

Choose food free of chemicals and other poison, organic food can be your best choice.

Eat freshly cooked food that are fresh and avoid eating over cooked food .

Balance your meal. Include all six tastes (sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, astringent) in each meal and their is a feeling of satisfaction after you finished your day meal.

Cook healthy and delicious recipe live and love life fully.

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