Saturday, October 18, 2008


I was in my cousin sister Celina’s house in my recent short vacation of four days. She is a good looking crazy girl who love to dance, sing and cook delicious food .She is not only my sister but one of my best friend since child hood we spent the most craziest and funniest moment together .After 2yrs we are together again as she was out for her research work . So you can imagine that how much fun we share these four days, it seems that we returned to our childhood days.

But the happening news is that a total feminist who literally turn her back from guys after her divorce with her high school sweetheart 5 yrs back, fall in love again and that is also when she is in the mystic land of Malaysia.
You may be thinking that why I am so amazed that Celina fall in love in Malaysia it is because this is the land where she have her last fight

with Patrick and they finally break up. I know how long it takes her to came out from that depression of lost love and join colors of life. So I am really very happy to know that she finally found someone to share her life with.

But I am very interested to know how it all happened then she told that she was staying in a beautiful hotel near sea side

and that evening all of her colleges were busy taking some specimens of sea water for their study suddenly they saw a man fainted in the water.

They rush for his rescue and admitted him to the nearest hospital. He was suffering from high fever and the entire team of doctor told that it will be hard for him to survive. For 10days it was a severe struggle between life and death and finally life won the battle and that man survive. But doctors told it is not there effort that brings life to this man but some ones prayer work miracle for this man. Surprisingly the man was living in the same hotel where Celina is staying. After the man returned from hospital all her colleges met that good-looking handsome decent software professional except Celina. It was there last day in that hotel Celina was standing in the balcony and then some one knock the door, Celina thought it may be the room service and ask to come in.
What happened then? I will tell you in my coming post.
While we are busy talking Celina cooked a delicious steamed fish for me I will share that with you.


Cucumber 150gms
Coconut paste 100gms
Mustard paste 25gms
Scampi prawn 500gms
Green chilly paste 10gms (you can add more or
less according to your taste)
Mustard oil 75gms
Banana leaves 2 -3nos
Salt according to taste
Sugar according to taste
Turmeric powder 1gms
Yoghurt 15gms


Deseed the cucumber and cut into matchsticks. Clean and wash the prawn well. Apply salt and turmeric powder to the prawn and keep aside.
In a mixing bowl , combine the rest ingredients except the banana leaves. Now add the prawn in it and mix with alight hand .Refrigerate for 45 minutes. Divide the prepared mixture into 4 equal portion . Now cut the banana leaves in to 4square pieces and put the mixture in between now fold the banana leaves like a envelop and now steam the envelop for 8minutes and then pan grill for 6min.Serve hot .


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