Friday, October 10, 2008


Today I am dedicating this post to my dear little cute Uncle Sam. He is presently enjoying 75yrs of age and living 200kms from our house. The place where he stays is a nice picture perfect peaceful village and his farm house is one of my best holiday spot. He was doctor by profession but now he is very happy with his organic cultivation and spiritual healing. This weekend when I was in his farm house and told that I started writing BLOGS he was very excited and appreciate me for my good jobs. He then share an age old secret with me for good life which I want to share with you.

Cook happily when ever you cook because a happy cook can bring joy and happiness to everyone in the family. I use to see my mother whenever she is cutting vegetables, cooking, kneading flour always use to hum sweet romantic songs and for me she is the best cook and the food she cook are the best I ever eat and this is the response of all the guest whoever tasted the food she prepared. I don’t know from where she get this secret of preparing food or is it a spontaneous action but Uncle Sam told me that food prepared by a calm and happy cook in pleasant environment has a positive influence .

He also told me that before you cook take a good deep slow breath and center yourself and now wash your hand put your beautiful appron and start happy positive cooking. You can put in your kitchen an under cabinet CD player with Fm radio and play your favorite music you can find a good one from Amazon in the Happy and Healthy shopping scrolling down in this page.

Chop and prepare all vegetables and have all your ingredient ready before cooking. Food is best when warm and well cooked .Over cooked ,undercooked or burnt food is not good.

Cook in a peaceful way. Try not to make any violent movement with spoon when stirring the pot. Be patient while cooking try not to hurry because it bring negative vibration in your cooking. More love and patience you add in your cooking make not only delicious food but a memorable food which your near and dear ones will remember for many years to come.

Utensils are part of the body .Choose them carefully their size and shape should be appropriate. Their should be a poetry in every dish for every food ,flavors and taste are God blessing to us ,ennobling our everyday act ,or there is no poetry at all ,just cooked with sad face and bitter heart. So don’t forget to place a smile in your face while cooking – sound strange! Give it a try and see the difference.

Warmongers are the symbols of the hunger of people who have been ill-fed….struggling all their lives for more and more and were never satisfied by simple rice bowl and vegetables .

Their parents were bad cooks and now they face the similar circumstances with their spouses and themselves . It is an urgent need that we should find out the more and more recipes that are not only healthy but cooked and served with lots of love and peace. In this way may be we can gift a peaceful world to our kids after all like charity peace also begin from home .
Water based cooking gives a lightness and delicacy of flavor that is most appealing. Steam food are best it retain the pure flavors of the food and the food value is retained. The result is that you get the most balanced diet and your family is more healthier , stronger ,happier and diseases are far from your family.

When you are serving food always keep in mind that however tasty food may be but the presentation should be beautiful because before tasting the real food we first taste the food with our eyes so make sure about an eye catching presentation. Serve in small quantities, more variety, appearance, aroma, taste and texture so the food served is not only good for body but for soul. In cool winter light some aromatic candles to give some warmth in the surrounding while in summer nights light up some blue soul soothing lights. I mean to say make the surrounding of the place where the food served in such care and attention that it gives a peaceful and loving atmosphere.


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