Monday, October 27, 2008


Kalimera ! is good morning in Greece. A magic word that bring smile and greeting in return.


All my friends - Kalimera and now get ready to cook a healthy exotic Greek salad I bring only for you to make your morning more good.

Iceberg Lettuce: 120gm
Chopped Onion: 60gms
Black Olive: 1tbsp
Chopped capsicum: 1tbsp
Cherry Tomato : 100gms
Chopped Cucumber: 100gms
Feta cheese: 1tbsp
Olive Oil: 1tbsp
Lemon juice: 4tbsp
Salt: according to taste.

Take a big bowl and take the entire ingredient except lettuce, salt ,lemon juice and olive oil mix them well. Now break the lettuce leaves into pieces and add it to the salad. Now add salt, lemon juice and olive oil ,to give more punch you can add some oregano in it.
Toss all the ingredient well, serve in a big long dish. Now you are ready to say kalimera to yourself and your loved ones.

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