Saturday, October 4, 2008


I told you in my last post that in my next post I will tell you what happened to Dona and Daniel’s after we left them that night. In the next morning we all are anxious to here from Dona what happened but when Dona came and when we asked she just start laughing like crazy and we were all amazed to see that why she was behaving like this. Then she told that they talked for half an hour and when things are staring pink every where and they were floating in the seventh heaven

suddenly Dona’s mother who was in another city appeared in the scene with there family dog Timbaktoo. But the funniest part of it was that Timbaktoo stuck his head on a hard box and cannot make it out

and Daniel spent the whole night with Timbaktoo and finally released the poor dog and pleased Dona’s mother who was very choosy about Dona’s boy friend. Anyway a night which Daniel planned to spent with Dona have to spent with Timbaktoo .But this caring nature boy moved Dona’s heart and finally after 5 long years of love and magic they decided to get married and now they are happily married and living in Sydney.

Today I will share with you a special pea’s soup which we all cherish in Dona’s reception party.

Peas- 1 large cup paste
Cheese-3 cubes grated
Onion- 1 tsp paste
Garlic -1 flake finely chopped
Butter- 50 gms
Flour -2 tbsp
Milk - 1 large cup.
Sugar-1 tsp

Heat the butter and add flour in it .Stir it well. Now add onion , garlic and peas paste keep stirring.
Now add cup of boiling milk keep on stirring. Now add 2 cups of boiling water salt, sugar and pepper. Let it boil for 2min and add cheese and boil for another 1 min. Your pea’s soup is ready to serve.

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