Monday, October 20, 2008


Before I tell you about Celina you can pamper your sweet tooth a little bit. Today’s recipe is sweet yoghurt mousse.


Sweet yoghurt 200gms
Whole cream 120ml
Gelatin 4/5tbsp
Crushed cookies 4no
Banana 1no
Butterscotch sauce 4tbsp


Fold sweet yoghurt with whole cream thoroughly and then add gelatin dissolved in water.
Take a round, stainless steeel, 3’’diameter both side open cylindrical container, put crushed cookies on the base and pour in the yoghurt mixture on the top of the cookies and refrigerate.

Cut small chunks of banana and mix with the caramelized sauce and place on the top of de-molded sweet yoghurt mousse. Sprinkle butterscotch sauce encircling the mousse.

Now let me tell you what happened that evening when someone knock Celina’s door and she thought it was room service and ask to come in. But she was very surprised to here
“Thank you so much I heard that you will be leaving tomorrow so I thought meeting you .”
-“My pleasure.”

- “So you remember my voice Patrick. If you have finished what you have to say, you may leave now.”
- “Don’t be so rude I am sorry for everything. Can’t we be good friend once again.”
After a long hot debate Patrick finally convinced Celina and now they are not only good friends again but their old romance crop up and rest you put all your sweet imagination while you cherish my sweet yoghurt mousse.

But listening to this story I keep thinking of the recipe of successful marriage given by Mignon McLaughlin- “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times always with the same person.”

What do you think ? Don’t forget to give your views I am waiting to here from you.

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