Thursday, November 13, 2008


Some veggie don't look that delicious but they are really good for health.Okra is one such vegetable.It keeps your body cool and very nutritive.It is also good for the diabetic patient.According to science this veggie have good amount protein,calcium,magnesium,phosphorous,potassium,sodium,iron and vitamin A & C.So today tryout this recipe and comment that whether this dish spice up your romantic evening or not.

Okra -500gms finely sliced
Refined oil- 100 gms
Cucumber- 1 finely chopped
Roasted cumin powder- ½ tsp
Red chilly powder-1/2 tsp
Raisin-25 to 30
Cashew nut -15 to 20
Coriander leaves- 3tbsp
Sugar- 1tbsp

Heat oil and deep fry the okra till crisp, remove from heat .In bowl take yoghurt, cumin powder, chilly powder sugar & salt mix well. Add cucumber and fried okra. Garnish with raisin, cashew nut and finely chopped coriander.You can eat it with bread or hot steamed rice.
ADD LOTS OF LOVE and see the difference in the taste and eyes of your beloved.


Joie de vivre said...

I've never heard of ladiesfinger. It almost looks like aloe?

alwayswinner786 said...

Oh!I solve the problem , ladies finger is okra.
And now I think it will be easy for you to cook this delicious recipe.