Thursday, November 27, 2008


Cultivation of organic and biodynamic foods are practiced since people first learn to grow their own food.
Organic food comes from land fertilized naturally rather than using any chemical fertilizer.
The more sophisticated form of organic cultivation is biodynamic farming, it use various organic preparation for specific purpose.
Some are used to accelerate the development of live enzymes in the soil, others to attract more etheric nutrients from the atmosphere. Though in modern days chemical fertilization is mostly used to fertilize the soil, to control pest and diseases , to enhance the growth and appearance, and to prolong self life of the produce but there are numerous problem associated with chemical farming.

Good food depend upon healthy soil and soil remain certain plant friendly bacteria stays in the soil like some bacteria in our intestine necessary for proper digestion and assimilation of food. Due to use of chemicals soil become so depleted of enzymes and nutrients, that the result is lack of vitamins and minerals , which is then compensated by injecting chemical injection.
Foods that are chemically stimulated lack organic nutrients develop an abnormal cellular structure with an over abundance of carbohydrates (in the form of starches and cellulose) at the expense of cell-building protein. What is more disturbing is, that your body have to cope with the toxic residue that becomes the part of the food . Gastrointestinal system face problem to eliminate this chemical toxin from your body which over time attack our immune system ,leaving you susceptible to allergies ,diseases and degeneration. So organic food is better option than its chemical counterpart as it is more nutritious and easily digestible.

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