Wednesday, November 5, 2008


First of all today is a historic day and I want to congratulate all my friends in America for the grand success of OBAMA. Hope to see some positive changes in global scenario so that world peace can be established .

It is common that whenever we think of health we think about the physical part but some very important world remain unexplored in our own body. We can see the parts of brain but we can’t see mind, we are all aware of our heart beat but we don’t have any idea from where those emotion crop up and paint our life with various shades of colors.

Life never run smooth it has its own twist and turns and some twist are difficult than the other .But still we are in a no option zone and we have to walk down those lanes with a heavy heart and tears in our soul. Life presented me some very odd situation when it seems that may be everything will end and I can’t move anymore but a list of mental well being tips that was given to me by one of my High School psychology teacher helped me lot to fight back the situation.
I want to share those with all my loving friends –
Let start with a poem-
Life is not a name of a river
flowing down from hills and lost
in the midst of hurts and wounds
life means lot more

To find something more and live a life full of happiness below are few tips for mental peace.

1.Have a hobby: acquire pursuit which absorb your interest .
Sports and nature are the best.

2. Develop a philosophy, adopt your self to social and spiritual surroundings.

3.Share your thoughts, cultivate championship in thought and in feeling.
Confide ,confess, consult.

4. Face your fears analyze them; daylight dismisses ghosts.

5.Balance fantasy with fact ; dream but also do; wish but build ;imagine, but ever face reality.

6.Be aware of alluring escapes; alcohols, opiates and barbitals may prove faithless friends.

7.Exercise;walk swim, golf; muscles need activity.

8.Love but love wisely.

9.Don’t get engulfed in whirlpool of worries call early for help. The doctor is ready for your rescue.

10.Trust in time ;be patient and hopeful; time is a great healer.

(the following rules are proposed by the Cleveland Academy of Medicine)

Believe me this tips have help me a lot in my life .Mainly the second tip- spirituality helped me to understand the divine power and how His untold help is nurturing our life, how His love is showered and taking us to the path of happiness and abundance.
This my own experience that when you give you get so try to give in whatever way you can .When you show your love and care Universe and Almighty shower peace and love in your own heart, try out this age-old tip. Also make a point not to hurt and harm any body for any reason. People to establish there false ego and power bring difficulties in others life and get momentary pleasure but they loose their mental peace forever and start living in a loveless world of eternal grief and sorrow. Never forget that God the fountain of love have His eye on every creature of this world.

So if you take care of this little things your peace and happiness is warranted by Universe and Almighty.


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