Monday, November 3, 2008


I have found this cartoons while surfing and I want to thank its creator for comforting the lobster in the warm Jacuzzi.
I also want all my friends to laugh with big HAHAHAHAHOHOHO! because when you laugh world laughs with you. And when at night I will go up to my roof top and look at the star studded sky I will get the vibes of your laughter and know all my friends all over the world are happy and making others happy too after all, this life is to share smiles and happiness Isn’t it.

Iceberg lettuce
Fresh parsley 3tbsp
Fresh cilantro 3tbsp
Olive oil 3tbsp
Onion slice 3tbsp
Garlic chopped 1tbsp
Green Bell pepper 1each
Honey 1/2tbsp
Salt & Pepper according to taste.

Cut the lobster into pieces and keep aside. Heat oil and sauté bell pepper, onion slice, garlic, cilantro keep aside to cool.

Place lettuce in a big salad bowl then the lobster pieces and the sauté bell pepper and then add parsley salt, pepper honey and mix well.

Chill several hours before serving.


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