Friday, December 12, 2008


The most awited festive season has come, when I was kid I wait impatiently for Santa as soon as December starts and make my whish list in advance .My father laugh loudly when he see my long list and use to say “give Santa an opportunity to visit others too.” But he used to bring me everything that I listed which I thought was gift from Santa and he make my Christmas really special. He is no more with us ,nine years back on a chilled winter night of December 12th he left us for the land of God . He is the best DAD that God could ever bless me with. He was a happy men and always teach us how to smile when we are sad. He used to say- “that whenever you remember me be happy . I always want to see your happy face.”
To days post is dedicated to my lovely dear DAD. Though we all miss him very much but we also know that his blessings and good wishes are always with us .A happy man like him will remain happy and make others happy too in the land of God. May be it is his inspiration from that unknown world that we are walking successfully today fighting against all odds of life and God is showering His happiness and love toward us.

Today I want to share my dear Dad special recipe.


Cooked  Basmati rice              1medium bowl
Mixed vegetable
(carrot, potato, French beans,
Beetroot, cauliflower cut into  
small cubes)                            ½ cup blanched
Raisin                                  10
Cashew nut                              10 
Butter/olive oil                        1tbsp
Lemon rind                               ½ tsp
Salt                           according to taste
Sugar                                    ½ tsp
Black pepper                             ½ tsp or 
                                according to taste
Lemon juice                              1 ½ tsp 


Place a pan on the flame add butter and now give all the vegetable and sauté for 3 to 4 min. Now add the raisin and cashew and sauté for another1/2 min .Now add the cooked rice stir for 1min. Add salt, sugar, black pepper mix well, add lemon rind then put off the flame. Then add the lemon juice. Give a minute of standing time, garnish with leeks of parsley and tomato slice .Serve hot.

My Dad will remain in my heart forever and I will ask God to bless me with this lovely family for every birth in this World.

May you all be blessed with lovely caring families.


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