Saturday, December 27, 2008


In this festive season when you have to organize lots of parties , you must be looking for something which is easy to make yet tasty and unique. I always look for some recipes which is healthy, good to taste and surprise my guests.
When I am looking for such, my aunt with her email greetings sent a unique recipe –SWEET MAGIC SNOW BALLS. As I read the recipe the first thing that came to my mind was the soft white fluffy balls soaked in thick, sweetened, creamy milk.
When I cooked it , they turned out really yummy. So I thought why not share this
with my blog friends.


Milk ½ liter
Sugar 1cup(or if you want more or less
you can adjust according to taste)
Milk powder 1 big cup
Egg 1
Baking soda ½ tsp
Saffron few strands
Powdered cardamom ¼ tsp
Rosewater 2to 3drop
Silvered almonds 2tsp
Pistachios 2tsp
Cashew 2tsp
Raisin 2tsp
White oil 1tsp

Put a pan in flame an pour the milk and add sugar. Let it boil in slow flame.
In a small bowl soak saffron in 4 tbsp of warm milk .
Now take a bowl and put the milk powder ,baking soda and the egg mix it well. Make a dough so that you can make balls with it.
Now grease your hand with oil and take a portion of the dough and give a small ball shape .Like this make few small balls with this dough.
Now put this small balls in the boiling milk. Let it boil for 10 to 12min until the size of the balls increase and it turns soft. Now add soaked saffron, cardamom powder, rose water. Put off the flame.
Serve it in beautiful dessert dish garnish it with cashew, almonds, pistachios and raisins. Serve chill.
•Note this point while cooking this dish let it cool down in room temperature and then put it to the freezer other wise it will turn stiff.
I hope your guest will enjoy this sweet snow balls in the dinner table and praise your culinary skills. Don’t forget to write me back your and your guest feed back.

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