Thursday, January 22, 2009


Due to some technical reason I have to change my blog template. May be for this you have to face some inconvenience I apologize for this and hope you like the new look of Peacecooking. Let me know your views on this new look. Thank you.

I told you in my earlier post that I will give you some very exotic heart warming recipes for this Valentine Day. Visualize this dream - that on a fine morning your boy friend or hubby standing in front of the breakfast table with some delicious preparation garnished beautifully and holding the dish as shown in the picture and telling you with all romantic emotion gathered -Love just for you ! How will you feel ? top of the world . I guess so. So today’s post is for those men who is not so good cook yet want to surprise there beloved with there culinary skills this Valentine. This recipe is dedicated specially for them.( I mean to say it is very easy to cook anybody can cook it.).


Butter 1tbsp
Prawn 10 to 12
Onion 1 big chopped
Bell pepper 1 cubed
Garlic ½ tbsp finely chopped
Green chilly 1 finely chopped
(or according to taste)
Tomato 1 chopped
Egg 6
Milk 2 tbsp
Sugar 1tsp
Salt according to taste


First of all clean the prawn well. Beat all the eggs in a bowl and put aside.
Put a pan on flame and now give butter in it as it melts add prawn and sauté a little bit.
Now give chopped onion, bell pepper , green chilly, and garlic chopped. Fry a little bit then add milk mix and then add the beaten egg , add salt and sugar. Mix well. Now add the chopped tomato. The taste of this dish is little sweet . So I hope your sweet heart will love this. This is a typical breakfast dish. It is good with bread . Serve warm in big cabbage leave.
I hope kids will also love this dish. And if you have some serious health problem then skip butter do it with any vegetable oil the taste may vary little bit but make sure your health is more important than your taste bud’s .


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