Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today I am sharing with you my Big Brother’s favorite dish, which I am cooking this weekend-Fish In Mustard Sauce.
But before sharing with you my recipe let me share some interesting fact about this age old spice –Mustard. It is one of the worlds favorite for flavor and health .
The word mustard comes from a Latin word “mustum” which mean must. Do you know this Mustard is consumed more than 700million pounds every year around the world. Though Dijon mustard (named after a lovely French city Dijon) the most popular mustard style but Canada is the worlds largest supplier of the crop. Mustard seed is a powerful anti-microbial agent.
There are three main types of mustard seeds used in cooking: white, brown and black. Black are the largest and most pungent of the three; white (yellow in color) the smallest and mildest.
So now you know a lot about mustard.
Lets then start with the recipe -


Good quality fish fillet 4
Yoghurt ½ cup
Mustard 1tbsp
Garlic 1peice
Green chilly 1
Cashew nuts 6
Ginger paste ¼ tsp
Cinnamon powder little pinch
Cardamom little pinch
Salt according to taste
Pepper according to taste
Sugar ¼ tsp
Oil 1tbsp(preferred
mustard oil
but for those who want
a mild taste
use oil of your choice)


For those who like more pungent taste they may take black seeds but for those who love the mild one they take the white mustard. I prefer the white mustard seeds.
First of all make a wet smooth paste of mustard, garlic, green chilly and cashew nuts together. Now take a bowl and take the yoghurt beat it add the mustard paste ,ginger paste, salt pepper, sugar ,oil and beat it to avoid lumps. When it become smooth marinate the fish fillet with this total mixture sprinkle cardamom and cinnamon powder above it and leave it for 10 minutes.
Now steam the fish in high heat for 10 to 15 minutes or until cooked.
Served with hot steamed rice.
The taste of this dish is bit sharp but once a while I love to taste such food with family. I hope you will like it too and for those who love to experiment with some unique flavor and taste for them this will be an exotic experience. As we are using the steaming process for cooking, the food value is also very high and it is healthy, nutritive and delicious.

Before signing off let me give you a health tip-
For congestion of the head or lungs, mustard is an excellent remedy. To treat congestion with mustard, put a tablespoon full of the ground seeds into a foot bath and soak the feet. This will draw the blood to the lower part of the body and help relieve congestion.
This is a general tips and not a medical substitute.


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