Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Easter is on the way I know many of you are already in the party mood . If you are arranging such party don’t want to serve alcohol to the guest but still want to rock then Blue Curacao Mocktail can be good choice. I think mock tails are mock cocktail invented by party loving person like us who did not drink alcohol and had just about enough of drinking flavored sodas and aerated waters . It also give a relief to host that there guest can drive safe to home when the party ends.

What are you waiting for raise a toast and enjoy !


Blue Curacao ½cup
Pineapple juice 1cup(chilled)
Sweet lime juice 1tbsp
Lime juice ½ tbsp
Club soda ¾ cup
Salt 1pinch
Ice cube few
Pineapple slice 2
Cherry 2


Mix all the above except pineapple slice & cherry in a Martini shaker and give it a good shakes. Pour in a martini glass serve with pineapple slice and cherry.

I hope you will surely enjoy this drink.


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