Saturday, May 16, 2009


If you are totally wired out with the work pressure of the week and need a refreshing drink to sit and relish then this grape apple mocktail is just for you. I was in my friends place just a day before where she make this delicious mock cocktail for us. It was so delicious that I can’t stop sharing this with you . I am going to make this for the weekend. Give it a try and I am sure you will like it and who knows it may add spark to your romantic evening.


Fresh lime juice ¼ cup
Apple juice ½ cup
Grapes juice ½ cup
Ice cube 8
Vanilla ice cream 2 scoop
Carrot (thin
cylindrical slice) 6
Cheery 2


First of all take the shaker put the ice cube , fresh lime juice , apple juice and grape juice. Shake it well . In a high ball glass put the carrot slice ( with a sharp knife you can make some decorative piece) now pour the drink in the glass, ice cube and then place two spoon of ice cream above it. Add more color with a bright red cheery.
Enjoy a lovely week end.



Nao said...

I got's to try this one. This looks so delicious.

GMP said...

Thanks to share this with us. Seems to be delicious. I will ask my mom to do it for me. I don'r know whether she say ok or not.

R. Wallis said...

I was all about the "mocktail" until the term "carrot thin" was used. What is that???? It does not sound appetizing at all!

alwayswinner786 said...

Hi Wallis,
Thanks for your visit and comment.
But I think you missed while reading there is nothing like "carrot thin" it is "carrot(thin cylindrical slice)" which is simply used as a garnish, to add it or not is simply your own choice and will not make any big difference.
So I hope now you don't have any problem, give it a try.

Megan said...

who knew healthy could Be Delicious! thanks for the recipe! it tastes wonderful