Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Mid week everyone of us have tight schedule and very less time to cook . I am no exception so I tried some delicious easy yet healthy sandwich ideal for breakfast. I hope you will enjoy the taste as I have enjoyed it. Let the sunshine in your breakfast table.


Boiled shredded chicken 100 grm
Sandwich Bread 2 piece
Green bell pepper chopped 2tbsp
Diet egg less mayonnaise 2tsp
Mustard sauce 2tsp
Capsico sauce 1tsp
Diet butter 2tsp
Lettuce leaves 1
Salt and pepper according to taste


Take a bowl and mix all the above ingredients(you can use normal mayonnaise instead of diet mayonnaise) except the lettuce and the sandwich bread. Now take a bread slice spread diet butter on it keep the lettuce leaf and then the chicken filler. Now keep the other bread slice over it.
Now spread some diet butter on the top slice of bread and grill it . This Grilled chicken sandwich with a glass of ORANGEY FRUIT JUICE will definitely make your day shine .



Megz said...

I"ll have to try this! looks tasty and healthy.

Nice blog btw

Suresh said...

Your blog is really informative. Have to tell my mom to look at this. Hope she makes it tasty. Lol!! Visit my blog too!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy that i came across this in that group, because I am starting to eat healthier. So this post relates to my life 100%

Anonymous said...

I love healthy diets! Your blog is a wonderful online recipe book! :)

mytheory said...

yummy... looks tasteful and easy to try...
i will go get the ingredients and try your recipe ASAP....
hmm... nice info pal!