Thursday, June 18, 2009


It’s too hot today and after the day work I don’t feel like taking any solid food. So I tried this granny special sweet lime juice today. A friend of mine gifted a box of sweet lime last Sunday. So I have a good number of them in my refrigerator. This is also my Dad’s favorite. As father’s day is coming close I am remembering my Dad in such special ways.
My father is with God for the last 10yrs , I say to myself not to tell I lost my father.
Death can take away the physical body but the love and blessings remain for ever. Now he is more close to me, he stay in my heart and will remain there for ever .
So today a granny’s special and Dad’s favorite Spicy Sweet Lime Juice. I hope you will like this little salty and little sweet and very little hot taste of this unique drink . Let me know .


Sweet lime juice – 1cup
Lemon juice- 1tbsp
Black salt- according to taste
Sugar- according to taste
Ice cube - 5 to 6
Crushed ice- 2tbsp
Roasted dry spice- 11/2 pinch

For Roasted Dry Spice
Cardamom 2
Cinnamon ½ inch
Cumin seed ½ tsp
Dried bay leaves one medium size
Dried red chilly 1


First of all dry roast all the spices .Put it in a mixer and make a fine powder (this recipe need a very small amount of the spice but you can store this spice in a air tight container and sprinkle it to your fruit or vegetable salad or your butter milk.).
Now in a shaker the sweet lime juice, lemon juice, black salt, sugar and ice cube shake it well and now take your favorite glass put some crushed ice first and then the sweet lime juice from the shaker . Now sprinkle the roasted dry spice above the drink and serve chill.

I am sure the taste of this juice will remind you about your father who is little salty and sweet and some time bit spicy.

Enjoy this drink and don’t forget to send love to your Dad even if you have lot of differences.

An Unknown Author put it rightly-Dad, you're someone to look up to no matter how tall I've grown.

Give it a thought before it’s too late.



Anonymous said...

I like the spicy and sweet flavors in this delicious drink! Nice!

Catherine said...

hey there, I would love to link to your blog if you linked to mine...your food looks delicious- Happy Posting :)

Family Cuisine Food And Recipe said...

Thank you for sharing. Nice to have sweet lime juice, will passed the spicy part.

Miranda said...

Awesome...I could totally go for that right now. It is 107 with the heat index in sunny FL. This would be amazing.