Monday, July 13, 2009

Effect Of Thought Over Food And Drink

A friend of mine e-mailed this to me and reading this I thought this e-mail have many things which I want to share with my friends because this can heal your health and you can live a happy healthy life.

The food stuffs or drinking matter is been used since an eternal time to change the mentality or attitude of human being. Because it is the most easy but vital means to carry up the thoughts from one person to other.
Man can affect matter by the power of his thought.
Whatever the type of thought is, pure or impure, it can reach into the depth of our mind through food stuffs like rice, spices, vegetables, betel leaves, betel nut, etc. or drinks, e.g. coconut water, normal water, milk, juice etc. and can effect in either way.
Sacred Food or Prasad is considered to have a pure effect on human mind & health since it is made with pious mentality, it has a positive power. Food or drinks made with impure attitude will off course have a negative effect.
Day by day the positive power & effect of pure food & drinks are lost and the negative power & effect are increasing a lot today. However we can regain the positive power and use our food & drinks as the important means. As food or drink can affect a person’s mentality, you can off course apply it to yourself to begin with.

Test with drinks:
Take some milk or water or juice in a glass or in a small pot. Take
such a quantity that you will be able to drink the full. Take the pot in front of your eyes and spread the thoughts into it like following : “This drink is getting pure with the help of my pure thoughts come from the Spiritual Source, the Supreme Being, God, the Almighty. This drink will surely make my mind and health pure. This drink will off course bring pure dreams in my sleep and pure thoughts on the morn onwards”.
Repeat this thought at least 10 times. Then keep it in a certain
place. Drink it before going to bed. You will find that you are getting automatically pure thoughts like magic on the morrow.

However this is nothing but just a spiritual trick .
You can again use food stuffs in the same way as you did with drinks.
Food cooked in pure state of mind will always have a positive effect on the mind of anyone. 50% of your mental state depends on which food you take? What type [ingredients] of food, where it comes from, who cooks it [the mentality of the cook, at least at the time of cooking], the place of cooking etc. really matter for at least 50% of your mental state. Rest of the 50% depends on the Samskara [innate nature] of the person.
It is said that you are what you eat! Someone said, “You tell me what your friend eats, I will tell you what type of person he is !”
Let me quote here the well-known proverb, “As the food thus the mind, as the company thus the person.”

Eating in silence, in the remembrance of Supreme God makes the mind, words, health & character elevated and powerful. In some religion it is believed that if a person eats in silence for continuously 18 years then the words spoken by him become true, he gains a good health through pure digestive power, his forehead gets sparkled, his words become sweet and his character becomes magnetic.

Let’s realize the importance of the effect of thought over food or drinks.