Wednesday, November 18, 2009


In my child hood days my granny use to cook snow peas with mustard sauce. But snow peas was not my child hood favorite. I very cleverly avoid this vegetable but as I grew up and my interest for healthy food increase, I found this snow peas quiet interesting. Snow peas in mustard sauce is very delicious but I try out little differently and like the taste. Now you tell me whether you like this snow peas recipe or not?


Snow Peas 4 cups
Red bell pepper 1 sliced
Canola oil 3 tsp
Garlic 1½ tsp finely chopped
Orange 1(only zest freshly grated )
Orange juice 6 tbsp
Salt and pepper according to taste


Choose pods that are bright green, smooth and look juicy. Avoid any that are wrinkled or yellowing. The peas should be very small, and almost completely flat. You might find a few withered petals still clinging to the stem, which also give a clue as to freshness. Use a small, sharp knife to trim off the tops and tails.
Now take a pan and heat oil, keep it in a medium flame. Add garlic and then orange zest stir for few second . Add snow peas and red bell pepper slices stir then add orange juice. Stir for a second . Cover and cook until the snow peas get tender about 4 to 5 minutes. Uncover and cook for another minute until the gravy thickens a little bit. Adjust seasoning with salt and freshly ground pepper. Your delicious snow peas with orange is ready to serve with bread. Have it in lunch or dinner and I hope your kids will also love this orangey veggie dish.

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I like the combination of snow peas and orange, sounds yummy!

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