Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Punch With Green Tea

A friend of mine visited me a day before and gifted me a box of good quality green tea and shared this wonderful green tea punch recipe with us. It is so delicious that I thought why not share with you all.
I think by now we all know the health benefit of green tea. But for those who have missed few of them take a quick look.
Green tea has significant healing powers and may lower cholesterol, slow up the wrinkle process. It may also help shed those unwanted pounds!
Studies on the health benefits of green tea pointed to an increase in metabolism and fat burning of 78 calories per day involving adults. Green tea may help prevent arthritis. May increase metabolism and accelerate weight loss. It may also slow the aging process and boost immunity. Green tea may also be useful in fighting infections. Finally, green tea - as well as all teas, are natural, calorie free, fat free - as long as you don't add milk, sugar, honey, cream, artificial flavorings - etc. Tea is delicious and makes a great beverage whether hot or cold. And green tea, as well as oolong tea, just might help boost metabolism, burn fat and assist you in dropping pounds!
So what are you waiting for taste this delicious green tea fruity punch and let me know how you like it.


Fresh pineapple 1 peeled cored and cut into chunks
Green apples 2 large washed and sliced
Fresh ginger 1 ¼ tsp chopped
Green tea 1 cup brewed and chilled
Crushed Ice 1 cup
Mango sorbet 1 cup (optional)


Juice the pineapple, apples and ginger in your juicer machine. Now mix the juices with tea . Pour it in serving glass of your choice and put some crushed ice above it. For those who are not anxious in dropping or gaining some extra pounds for them instead of using crushed ice, use mango sorbet and stir it in the tea and fruit juice mixture then serve. Your delicious punch is ready



Heavenly Housewife said...

What a beautiful and refreshing drink! Got one for me? Have a lovely weekend! *kisses* HH

Catherine said...

Ooh refreshing! I could go for this right now! :)

Anonymous said...

Such a delightful drink! love it!

My Little Space said...

The recipe sounds wonderful, simply refreshing! The best thing is I won't get drunk after taking this. hehe....

Margaret said...

I will make this at the weekend.
I made your recipe for lime prawns last weekend when we had a dinner party and served Indian food. The prawns were a great success as an apptetizer with samosas and pakoras.
Our banquet was a great success and I served mango sorbet and fresh mango for dessert. Something light after the 9 main dishes that our guests could enjoy, depending on their preferences!
Thanks again.
With love.

alwayswinner786 said...

Margaret it's great to know that your guest like the recipe of lime prawn. Hope you enjoyed
a lovely time.

Zexxy's wife said...

This is an amazing drink! It's great for any festive event (and non-festive)!