Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Friends I welcome you all in this new decade to my blog. Since I start blogging two years back it becomes an experience to live and love for. A platform to meet and make friends, share the moments of life which otherwise would have passed unnoticed. This is my first post to welcome New Year and the New decade, I hope to give you more delicious flavor and taste in coming days. Just need one promise -be my friend and speak out your heart in my blog what you like and what you won’t. I will try my best to give you the best. On that note let me share a delicious recipe I enjoyed in the New Year theme party thrown by one of my friend. It’s bit lemony taste but is very refreshing. Hope you will like it.
Fish fillets      2 medium size
Garlic chopped    1tsp
White wine        3 table spoon
/diet butter      1 table spoon
Kiwi fruits       1
Lemon             1(juice)
Lemon grass       ½ tea spoon (chopped)
Dill leaves       1tea spoon (chopped)
Salt , sugar
and black pepper   according to taste

Put a grill pan on flame. Then place the fish fillets on it. Sprinkle salt sugar and black pepper and 1tea spoon of lemon juice add 1 table spoon of white wine. Grill both side of the fish well. Place it on a plate. Cut the kiwi into halves and remove the skin. Slightly grill the kiwi in the same pan where you have roasted the fish.
Place it beside the fish . Now take a table spoon of butter on the pan add chopped garlic, salt , sugar and black pepper and rest of the lemon juice in it, if you want you can add more lemon juice. Now add white wine. Put off the flame add chopped lemon grass and dill leaves. Pour the sauce over the grilled fish.
Serve with your own fancy creative garnish. But when you have the fish try to take a bite of both fish and grilled kiwi together then only you can relish the real taste. I hope you will enjoy this.


http://www.bestmangal.com image source
Lemon-Garlic Grilling Sauce on Foodista


Anonymous said...

The fish sounds lovely, love this simple and healthy preparation!

Mother Rimmy said...

I can't wait to try this. We eat fish a few times a week, so It's starting to feel like chicken. By that, I mean it's getting challenging to find new ways to cook it. Happy New Year to you. I look forward to sharing recipes and cooking tips in the coming year!

Heavenly Housewife said...

I feel the same way about blogging. This looks like a delicious fish dish daaaaahling. I am looking forward to all the great foods you make in the coming year.
*kisses* HH

Catherine said...

This looks delicious! Yummy!