Sunday, March 28, 2010


Summer is that time when I want some fresh,colorful tasty but simple food in my menu. On this hunt of mine I came across a very delicious recipe- Hungarian chilled cherry soup, though a soup it can be served after meal as dessert. If you ask me I will tell you that this soup is now on my summer time  dessert top list. So if you want to taste this Hungarian chilled cherry soup which can be served as dessert then follow the steps below and I am sure it will help you to chill.


Fresh cherry        3 cups
Sugar               1/2  cup or  to taste
Corn starch         1 tea spoon
Lemon juice         1 table spoon
Lemon zest          1 tea spoon (grated)
Sour cream          1/2 cup
Salt                a pinch
Fresh mint leaves   for garnish 

For this recipe sour cherry is the best but if you are using sweet cherry then you can use alittle less sugar. Use 2 cup of ‘Hungarian’ sour and 1 cup of sweet ‘Lapin’.First pit cherries. Put a pan on flame add cherry and 4 cups of water. Bring to boil and cook until the cherries are tender. Make a smooth puree of this boiled cherry in your food processor. Then again put it in a pan.You can add few pitted sour cherries it gives a nice look.Then add sugar and let it boil. Then in a small bowl add cornstarch with little water and then add it to the soup. Let it cook for few minutes.Then add the lemon zest and lemon juice. Mix well and your cherry soup is done but befor putting off the flame taste it if it is too sour add more sugar and if it is too sweet add more lemon juice to get a balanced sweet and sour taste, this  make Hungarian chilled cherry soup  perfect. Serve chilled with dullops of sour cream and mint leaves.




Anthony Sepe said...

This looks awesome; thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

A sweet cherry soup sounds so good! I have lots of frozen cherries I can make this with!

Justine said...

This cherry soup sounds just lovely for springs (or anytime, really)!

Joie de vivre said...

How beautiful! It will be cherry season here before we know it!

Gulmohar said...

Just can't wait for the cherry season..this looks yumm

Taste of Beirut said...

If I can get a hold of some sour cherries I guarantee you this soup will be the first thing I will try! Love it for its simplicity and delivery of intense flavor

Catherine said...

This looks so delicious! This is a keeper!

Heavenly Housewife said...

So creative, and amazing colour. Beautiful job.
*kisses* HH

My Little Space said...

Oh man, I've never had this before too.... Love the colour so much. Gorgeous!