Thursday, March 25, 2010


Summer is great time for juicy fruits. I love fruits because it is healthy and always give me a feel good attitude.  I try to find out different ways to make those regular fruit more delicious. On this journey I find  this spicy grilled fruit recipe. I hope you will like it as they are warm, juicy, soft and flavor full.


Firm ripe peaches  chunks   6
Firm Apple  chunks
(both green and red)   6 each
Firm guava   chunks    6
Firm pineapple chunks  6
Boiled baby potatoes   2
Hung yoghurt           1/2  cup
Ginger garlic paste    ½ tea spoon
Cinnamon powder        2 pinch
Cardamom powder        2 pinch
Red chilly powder      1/8 tea spoon
Sugar                  1  tea spoon
Salt                   according to taste
Mint leaves            finely chopped
Melted butter          1 tea spoon
Bamboo skewer          2
First soak the bamboo skewers in cold water for 30 minutes or more.
Now take a big bowl . First put the yoghurt, then ginger garlic paste, cinnamon & cardamom powder, salt , sugar, red chilly powder. Mix them well. Now put all the fruits chunks and potatoes in it. Mix well. Thread assorted pieces of fruits placing peaches at first and topped with boiled potatoes. Then grill kebabs turning once, until lightly browned and slightly softened about 5 minutes. Brush butter in each side while you grill. Your delicious fruits kebab is ready to serve.Sprinkle mint leaves when you serve it in your favorite platter. You will feel the spices in the outer layer whereas the inner part of the fruits are juicy and cruncy, A bit different yet exotic taste , I am sure you will love it.




Padhu said...

Interesting recipe .I too love fruits very much to the extent that I even skip breakfast and have only fruits .I will surely try this recipe of yours

Anonymous said...

I love the spices additions to the fruits, excellent!

Angie's Recipes said...

This is something so unique! I have never had anything of the sort.