Thursday, April 1, 2010


I was introduced with seven layer salad few years back. I served it in many of my summer time dinner parties and every time it gets lot of appreciation from the guests, it looks beautiful and taste great. As Easter is knocking the door you can keep this cool salad in your list. I think every guest will love this eye catching salad.


Lettuce     1 large chopped
Baby spinach leaves  10 to 12
Baby tomatoes       10 to 12 halved
Egg                 6 hard  cooked  sliced
Mustard powder      1/ 2 tea spoon
Red and green onion  1/2 cup each chopped
Green sweet pepper       1 cup chopped
Green peas               2 cups thawed
Carrots                  1/2  cup juliennes
Bacon                    1 1/2  cup cooked & crispy
Mayonnaise               1 cup
Low fat cheddar cheese   1/2 cup shredded
Sugar                   1 table spoon or to taste
Salt and pepper       according to taste
Take a big clear salad bowl. Make a base of green with lettuce and baby spinach. Now above it make layer of tomatoes. Then a layer of sliced egg sprinkle mustard powder. Then a layer of red onion and green onion. Then a layer of green pepper , carrots and then green peas and crispy bacon. Sprinkle salt and pepper in every layer. Mix sugar and mayonnaise. Top the salad with the mayonnaise . Garnish with spring onion. Wrap the bowl tightly with plastic wrap, chill for 5 to 24 hours. Serve with grated cheese and toss gently while you serve.
You can serve this seven layered salad in trifle dish so that your guest can enjoy all the colors of this delicious salad.

*For the weight watcher skip the cheese part and use diet mayonnaise. Yes I know that taste will vary but health should be your first priority.


A special Good Friday wish for all my friends and loved ones!




Gulmohar said...

That looks very pretty..Happy Easter to you :-)

Padhu said...

Salad looks fantastic .

Campbell Jane said...

That looks great! I'm definitely making this!
Happy Easter!

ester said...

Oh wow! That looks delicious.

Have a Happy Easter!!!

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My Little Space said...

Olala... such beautiful salad! You should have called it 'stack salad'! hehe... Lovely!