Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Stay Slim In Winter Holidays

Christmas countdown has already begun and I know Christmas is that time of the year when we allow ourselves to indulge in caloric foods yet also except to look awesome in slinky outfits. So today I thought to discuss the recipe how to stay in shape during Christmas and winter holidays. If you find them happening then you can go for some I hope you will feel better.

Christmas is here and it’s a great time to taste all those Christmas cookies and but our body still needs some vital nutrients and vitamins to stay strong. So eat plenty of veggies and fruits and just give few minutes time to listen to your body. Drink plenty of water, in summer we drink plenty of water but in winter we skip this, hydration is another key element to winterizing your body.

Don’t go to holiday meal empty stomach because this can be a surest way of falling sick. So eat light healthy high fiber snack such as fruits or few wheat crackers before you go, it will curb your appetite and prevent over eating. Holiday brunch with irresistible food and dessert is hard... hard too hard to say no but try to fill up with fruit juices , salad and veggies before those eye catching dessert call you to have more and more. Rather than taking every dessert on the table try to pick your favorite or take a small portion of some of them.

Healthy eating at this time can be very challenging when most of the time we eat out. One of the most deceptive parts of the festive meal is the sauces. A healthy entrée or side dish can turn into a calorie disaster when you choose a wrong sauce. On the other hand a low calorie sauce can make a satisfying and enjoyable meal. I can name few butter and cream based sauce which can add your waist line such as béarnaise sauce, hollandaise sauce, alfredo sauce, carbonara are some from the many and don’t you forget those lovely sour cream, decorative soup topping they too count. You may feel good when you go for a baked fish or a Red Lobster but until you dip it in a tartar sauce. So go for tomato based sauces as tomatoes are low in calorie and source of heart healthy lycopenes. Also salsas, pestos, mushroom sauces are lighter and good for health. I hope you like this little sauce communication.

Eat slowly. The brain takes 20 minute to register fullness. So enjoy your meals by savoring the beauty flavor and taste of each bite.

Focus on quality of food and not on the quantity. This will help you to enjoy your favorite food and you don’t need to deprive yourself. Eat small amount of it and don’t go for second or you can use small serving dishes to eat so that food look abundant on your plate.

Cut short your alcohol intake or sweetened beverage as this are reasons for weight gain. Go for plain water or mineral water, unsweetened tea or sugar free soft drink. If you are among those where no firm reason to avoid hard drinks works, then hold in style a tall glass of cocktail and roam from one corner of the party to the other without sipping just once and by the time you take 3 to 4 rounds inspiring other to drink those who love to drink have already finished their 5 to 6 glasses and then you know ….. (hahaha) you can slip easily.

These are few tips that I am sharing with you so that we can all stay happy and healthy in this blessed season which engage the whole world in a conspiracy of love.

Be Happy And Stay Healthy



Lyndsey said...

Great tips! Always helpful this time of year. Maybe if I wore that dress it would show all the bulges and it would really make you think before you ate! Lol!

katerina said...

I am currently on a diet so I can enjoy without guilt all these beautiful Christmas sweets and dishes. Great tips.

Heavenly Housewife said...

Oh daaaaaahling, I am afraid its too late. I went on vacation and now I look like a big cow. I'm off to the gym tomorrow.
THese are great trips though, I will try to keep them in mind.
*kisses* HH

Anonymous said...

Great tips.We do not celebrate christmas as such but being in US, its hard to stop eating all the yummy cakes & cookies available in the markets :)

Angie's Recipes said...

Thanks for sharing the tips, very helpful! I should eat SLOWLY!

Reeni said...

Great tips! I am trying to lose a few pounds before Christmas!

Mary said...

Thank you for the timely tips. Now if only I had sense enough to heed what you say I'd also look better than I do today. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

Gulmohar said...

Thanks for sharing these great tips :-)

Babli said...

Thanks a lot for sharing such wonderful tips. Great post.