Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Delicious Dipping Sauce With Tomato And Lime

When monsoon hits and it’s heavily raining, every part of the city is waterlogged and you get an unexpected holiday....... what do you do? This Friday was one such holiday for me and as there is nothing great to do other than watching television and sitting in front of the computer where the internet connection is missing sometimes due to heavy rainfall one fun way to spend the evening is to call few of my neighborhood friend and quickly arrange a snacks party. When friends are around a bowl of Lays works wonder but I want all my friends to have simple snacks but in a special way. So I prepared this delicious quick dipping sauce with tomato and few other simple things but to my surprise this tomato dip just taste magical. Cheese sticks,crackers,cheese balls, grissini, corn chips or potato croquettes are just the right thing to dip into this spicy tomato dip.

Greek yoghurt      2 table spoon
Tomato puree       2 table spoon
Tomato ketchup     1 Table spoon
Cayenne powder     a pinch (optional)
Roasted cumin powder  1/8  teaspoon
Fresh mint and cilantro  1 teaspoon finely chopped
Dried rosemary     1/4  teaspoon
Sugar              1/4  teaspoon (optional)
Olive oil          1 teaspoon
Lime juice         1 teaspoon
Salt and pepper    to taste
Mix all the ingredients expect oil, lime juice and rosemary in your blender. Then pour it in a bowl drizzle warm olive oil, lime juice and rosemary and mix well and serve. A very delicious, awesome dipping sauce is ready for your snacks. You can also use this as your bread spread and I am sure you will love it any way. Let me know how you like it. For a change you can also add a little crushed garlic and instead of yogurt you can use cream if you don’t have any problem with calorie count and I am sure it will also taste delectable.

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.



Hari Chandana said...

Very nice and delicious recipe.. looks tempting !!
Indian Cuisine

Anonymous said...

How delicious is this, and I love the single-sized serving. Perfect!

Authenticoriyafood said...

Delectable...i can imagine the tangy & fragrant taste of that dip on my tongue!!!

My Little Space said...

Su, my mouth is watering....Slurp! I think I can finish them in a second. ha...
have a lovely evening.

aipi said...

That is a super delicious dip ~ an exquisite blend of ingredients/flavor.Love to have some chips right away :)
US Masala

Anonymous said...

Woww.. looks yummm :)

Raji said...

Lovely dip...would love to dig in that with some totilla chips.

Ushnish Ghosh said...

Dear Sutapa
Thats an awesome dip. Cant wait to try it out. What is Greek Yogurt, heard about it in Kuwait.
Now while you are enjoying/suffering/dreading the heavy rain in Calcutta , I am roughing out the Delhi summer, the heat is gone almost, but unbearable humid, ( reminds me of Cal days)
Bhalo theko

Jay said...

ohh...sounds amazing..must be a heavenly combo..;p

Tasty Appetite

Parsley Sage said...

Awesome dip. And that's a cool thing to do :) Bad weather parties! I can totally dig

Deeksha said...

Dip looks awesome dear...thanks for sharing!