Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pasta With Mixed Vegetable And Baby Corn In Cream Sauce

When I need to fuel my body and soul I open my pasta box and see what can I cook to charge my taste batteries. Pasta never disappoints me, like a good friend it has always take care of my mood and taste. Have a look of this creamy divine mixed vegetable pasta paired with of baby corn chunks.

Pasta  (rigatoni)  1 bowl cooked as per package instruction
Carrot     1 cut into slices
Green bell pepper  1  sliced
French beans      1/2  chopped
Cauliflower / broccoli     4 to 5 florets
Baby corn    3 to 4 chopped
Shrimp         6 to 10  deveined (optional)
Garlic          4 to 5 cloves
Fresh mint and cilantro    hand full
Olive oil      1 to  2 table spoon
Salt and pepper  to taste

For Cream Sauce
Milk      1 1/2  cup
Flour     1 tea spoon
Sugar    1/2  tea spoon (optional)
Cheese  1 tea spoon (optional)
Mixed Herbs   1/2  tea spoon
(basil, oregano, rosemary, thyme)
Butter    1 tea spoon
Salt and  white pepper to taste

For garnish
Fresh dill leaves
Tomato sliced 
Chilly flakes     1/4  teaspoon 
Mustard sauce   few drops


First blanch baby corn, carrot, cauliflower and french beans and keep aside.
Heat butter in a pan add flour stir then add milk stir for a minute add salt pepper and sugar. Stir until the consistency of the sauce is thick and creamy then add cheese and mixed herbs. Mix well and put off the flame and keep aside. Now in another pan heat oil then add the garlic stir then add the shrimp stir. Then add the mixed vegetable, green bell pepper, chopped cilantro and mint stir for a minute. Then add the cooked pasta stir add the cream sauce. Mix well. Adjust seasoning. Your pasta with mixed vegetable is ready to serve .Garnish it with fresh dill sprigs and drizzle few drops of mustard sauce and sprinkle chilly flakes above it. Enjoy!

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.



Deeksha said...

Pasta sounds yummy and colorful! Beautiful clicks!

aipi said...

I am not a big pasta fan but my little one is voracious pasta eater n this one with white sauce is here absolute fav! Nice n a classic recipe.
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Rebecca from Chow and Chatter said...

great pasta dish adore pasta my go to everytime

Angie's Recipes said...

I love how creamy and delicious this pasta look!

Angie's Recipes said...

I love how creamy this pasta look!

Shilpi Bose said...

Love creamy pasta.