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Most Popular Foods During Parties

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Modern times have allowed people now to be more daring and non-conventional when it comes to parties, including the foods that are served during the occasion. With the fast rise in technology today, lifestyle of people also goes with it. This influences the choices of these couples. And as much as fashion for the bridal gown changes, well so as the food in the party menu. Let us see the current trends on the foods seen on party receptions.

Food Stations
Compared to previous times that guests were stuck in the tables waiting to be served, people nowadays tend to become easily bored. Thus, stations of food are gaining more popularity. This way, guests won’t be bored as they are stuck in their seats for the rest of the party program.
With the financial crisis we experience today, couples can enjoy the trend yet find it very affordable with sushi bars. Also, guests who are health buffs will definitely enjoy them. Sushi stations can be served with rolls of sushi, oysters, shrimps, crabs and avocado salad. But then, this particular food preparation can not be for everyone in the guest list. Thus, as much as sushi bars are still trending these days, couples usually combine them with other variants of food such as Cuban and Jewish cuisines.

The all-time mashed potato martini bar is never outdated, as comfort food will never be out of style. Nevertheless, such food stations can be modified to give it a more modern touch. Add more toppings to the mashed potatoes, and serve them in stylish, colored and fancy martini glasses.

Soup bars is preferable for parties that fall on winter and fall. Consider serving soups that guests would normally not have as everyday food. Tell your party caterer to make sure the soup is thick, rich and heavy.
Carving stations are more directed towards modern carving options. Instead of conventional carvings, why not go for Australian lamb hams and prime ribs for a meat carving station.
A crepe station is also suitable for parties. The guests will surely enjoy as they watch their crepe being made. Choices of crepes can range from fruits, chocolates, vegetables, cheeses and meat. The crepe station also creates a fun and light atmosphere.

Cultural Inspirations
For bride and grooms with different nationalities, incorporating their ethnic backgrounds may help the party menu to be unique and exceptional. Fusing two different cultures can be manifested in the food that will be served. Talk to the catering company for this option.

Traditional and Classic Entrees
For traditional party foods, it may be best to choose the food that is in season – of course the cake will always be present in every occasion. A modern approach to cakes today is the edible cake images. Apart from the taste, presentation is vital. It is also a trend for couples to combine serving ware presentation with the food, to add up to the elegance and sophistication. Try asking the catering company if they can work on a party menu that is at par with your party theme. Also, it is to be remembered that for food entrees, oftentimes, less is more. Bite-size entrees are suggested and avoid onions and blue cheese, as they can affect the guests’ breath.

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