Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nutritious Entertaining: Make a healthy grocery list for success

When you are preparing for the Thanks giving party and all the celebration coming up  one after another in the next month, it is very hard to make a healthy grocery list for perfect meal. So today I am not sharing with you any recipes but a guest article which will be a great help for you all. This guest article is from my friend Melissa C. I think you all will enjoy the read and find helpful tips for perfect delicious and healthy meal.

It’s easy to get trapped in the idea that healthful entertaining is too much work. If you plan a healthy grocery list beforehand, there’s no reason your next get together won’t be a rousing success. When you’re in control of the menu, you can make the right choices to ensure every course stays healthy.

Good-for-you appetizers

Many hosts start the meal out on an unhealthy foot and only get worse from there. When you plan in advance, you can avoid this pitfall. Stick to low-calorie and high-flavor dishes, like spiced shrimp or crab ceviche, and your guests will be satisfied but not stuffed before the main event. You can also choose fresh and seasonal vegetables as an easy alternative if you want to cut down on preparation time.

A healthy main course

The main course is the biggest part of the meal, so it’s essential that you choose a healthy dish. You can find some inspiration from the menu at your favorite health-oriented restaurant, or you can check pick out a dish from Eating Well. Don’t be afraid to make two dishes if you’re hosting a large group of people. That way, people can choose the option that suits their tastes better. You should also consider portion size when plating to make sure you aren’t giving your guests too much of a good thing

Delightful, guilt-free desserts

The dessert course is another place where health can be thrown out the window for taste, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Fresh fruit is always a good option for the time and nutrition conscious host. It’s easy to prepare, it contains all kinds of nutrients, and it tastes wonderful. If you’re looking for something a bit more complex, try out a lightened up version of your favorite dish. It doesn’t take much to make a healthy lemon cake or some healthful oatmeal cookies. Dessert is your chance to show off your skills at making delicious treats that are still good for you.

After you’ve planned out the perfect meal, it’s time to put together your list and make a trip to the store. Before you head out, go through the big night in your mind and think about how the cooking and entertaining is going to go. If you don’t see any issues with timing, then you’ll be ready to make your next night of healthy entertaining a success.

Wishing you all A Very Happy Thanksgiving!

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.



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hi sutapa, interesting and great guide lines on groceries shopping.. a healthy one..
useful not just for thanksgiving menu but for daily choices.. thanks for sharing

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Dear Sutapa, A good lesson for healthy entertaining. I try not to go shopping when I am hungry. If I go shopping when I am hungry I want to buy everything!! Thank you for visiting. I always look forward to hearing from you my dear friend. Blessings, Catherine

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Great post! Hope you had a great holiday!

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Awesome post! I'm also doing a guest post today on meal planning :) Great minds think alike!

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