Friday, December 16, 2011

Beetroot Soup

Beet root is one of my favorite veggie, I love it because of its vibrant color and various health benefit. Other day I visited my friend Parsley Sage blog and saw a wonderful red color beetroot soup. I can’t resist making my version of beet root soup the very next day and telling you it comes out great. A warm comfy beetroot soup in winter evening sitting on a cozy sofa listening to my favorite songs is just….. too heavenly.

Beetroot grated 1 cup
Garlic clove    1 chopped
Roasted cumin and coriander powder  ½  tsp
Butter ½  tbsp
Vegetable stock   3 cup
Sour cream  1 dollop
Fresh cilantro chopped
Corn flour ½ tsp (optional)
Sugar   a pinch
Salt and pepper  to taste


In a pan heat butter, add chopped garlic. Saute and then add grated beetroot. Stir and then add vegetable stock. Let it boil and cook it for 7 to 8 minutes then add salt, sugar, pepper and roasted spice mix. Mix well, if you want your soup a bit thick then mix corn flour with little water and add it to the soup and cook for another minute. Put off the flame. Serve hot with dollop of sour cream and few chopped cilantro. Your warm comfy beetroot soup is ready. The mild flavor of garlic when mingle with roasted cumin and coriander powder it taste awesome. I hope you will love this beetroot soup.

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.



Jay said...

wow..truly d click..:)
Tasty Appetite

Deeksha said...

super yummy soup. perfect for the season. luv it.

Parsley Sage said...

Love, LOVE beet soup. I think its so luxurious and wonderful. Makes me wish I can some cooler weather to properly appreciate it :)

Yours looks beautiful!

Hari Chandana said...

Healthy and delicious soup.. Yummy !!
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Julie said...

Delicious n yummy !!
Colorful too!!
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Jay said...

healthy n comforting soup.
It's my pleasure to give this award. Kindly collect your award from my space.
Tasty Appetite

cookingvarieties said...

y.hi sutapa, thanks for coming over and comment.. wow the beet root soup looks vert appetising.
have a nice da

Anonymous said...

Very pretty color!

Simply Life said...

i'm sure this is such a healthy and flavorful soup!

Anonymous said...

A gorgeous soup, the addition of cumin and coriander is terrific!

Reeni said...

So delicious! And pretty!