Friday, April 6, 2012

Cilantro Lime Roasted Chicken

First of all I want to apologies to all my lovely friend because for last few days I can’t make it to your blog. A little renovation was going on in my house and then it need some painting so you know when such thing happens, it all messy stuff all around and lots of dusty hazards, but the best part of it is that in all those lost stuff suddenly you get a letter long written from a friend or a greetings card of a very dear one and you feel that vibration of pure innocent love…. lost long……….huh! Am I getting little emotional ……maybe ……sometime we get something and lose and sometime we lose something and get……. who knows the real meaning of life! So this year when you celebrate Easter love like a child and hold all your dear ones tight to your heart don’t let them go. A very delicious recipe I am sharing with you so that you can bring smile to all those beautiful faces. Enjoy cilantro lime roasted chicken!

Leg pieces  2
Fresh cilantro  1  bunch chopped (leaves and stem)
Fresh ginger ½ tsp of chopped
Fresh garlic   1 tsp of chopped
Green onion   1 chopped
Lemon  zest    ¼ tsp
Olive oil/ sunflower oil   2 to 3 tbsp
Lemon juice 1 tbsp
Fresh black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
For garnish
Butter   1/8 tsp
Red bell pepper  2 tbsp chopped

Clean the leg piece and pat dry. Now in your mixer make a smooth paste with cilantro, ginger, garlic and onion and lemon zest and salt and pepper and one table spoon of oil. Marinate the chicken leg pieces with this for half an hour. Heat a non stick pan and drizzle oil in the pan and put the chicken cover and cook till the chicken is well cooked in both sides turning it occasionally. Sprinkle little lemon juice at the end. You can also put it in to 400F preheated oven and bake it for 40 to 45 minutes.
Now in another small pan slightly sauté the red bell pepper in butter with a small pinch of pepper.Serve it in your serving platter place the roasted chicken then garnish it with butter sautéed bell pepper and cilantro leave.

                                      Wishing you all a very happy Easter.

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.



Angie's Recipes said...

Looks fingerlicking! And I love them with lots of cilantro too!
Happy Holiday!

Catherine said...

Dear Sutapa, Beautiful and delicious combo of flavors for this chicken. Blessings my dearest. Catherine xo

Julie said...

Tempting n delicious!!Perfect for Easter :-)
Happy Easter :-)

Rush in your "Mint & Coriander seeds" entries(EP Series-Apr)
Erivum Puliyum

Jay said...

oooooooooohhhhhhhh...I love this..;P

Tasty Appetite

cookingvarieties said...

hi sutapa hmmm.. looks very appetizing and of the perfect finish- not soggy and not too dry type.
can smell the fresh lime and cilantro.
i do agree that we need to show our love and be made known to those people whom we love... it will make a lot of difference..there are many kinds of love.
have a nice day

Jay said...

how your presentation
Tasty Appetite

Katerina said...

This looks gorgeous Sutapa! Happy to know that your absense from the blogospere is for a good cause! Happy Easter!

Torviewtoronto said...

this looks wonderful deliciously done

Yummy said...

This looks absolutely delicious, especially with the cilantro garnish!