Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet And Salty Cheesy Bites

This Sunday I threw a very simple party for few of my close friends. Yes it is just a simple snacks party in the afternoon with tall glass of spiced up lemon sodas and few batches of finger foods and lots of chats and good moments shared. I am sharing the one which catch the eye and the tastes of all my friends. This one is healthy but bit different and I hope you all will love it. I use date paste to make this sweet and salty cheesy bites. Dates as you all know are rich in fiber which can slow blood sugar spikes down and are good source of potassium, iron, numerous antioxidant and Vitamin- A. I am sharing this successful healthy experiment of mine with you and I am sure if you try sweet and salty cheesy bites just once, you will like it.


Pitted dates   1 cup
Light cheese crackers  30
Cheese  cube 8 to 10
Ginger juice ½ tsp
Back salt  ¼  tsp
Small Tomato cubes and spring onion chopped for garnish


The twist of this simple recipe is the dates paste and this need a little time to make once made you are on. To make dates pastes take 2/3 of hot water over the dates and let them soak for an hour and then put them in your blender and blend. While you are blending add the ginger juice and the black salt. Your date paste is ready. If you don’t want gingery smell then you can go without it. Take the crackers and place a small size of cheese cube above it put a some dates paste. Then to give a little color place a small cube of tomato and spring onion you can also garnish it with sprigs of fresh mint. Bingo your delicious sweet and salty cheesy bites are ready to munch!

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.


Nash Nordin said...

That looks beautiful! I think it's a great idea for party tidbits.

Shobha said...

Nice quickie and crunchy snacks.

Anu said...

Looks yum and best for parties

Julie said...

What a superb starter..loved the dates paste idea!

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Katerina said...

Beautiful appetizers Sutapa! i am sure your friends enjoyed them as much as the gathering!

Simply Life said...

oh these are too cute and what a great flavor combination!

Elisabeth said...

Sutapa-I love your pretty, and yummy little appetizer bites...also, the amazing chicken dish from your previous post.
It's been a while since I visited your blog. Will do, more often:DDD