Monday, June 11, 2012

Mango Vanilla Treat

Today I am sharing a cool mango vanilla treat which was in my birthday menu this year(5th June) and all loved it so much so I thought why not share with you all my blog sphere friends and readers. You always have seen that vanilla ice cream is paired with sweet ripe mangoes but in this recipe I use unripe raw mango and few spices with vanilla icecream. It taste awesome….. sweet tart creamy and heavenly delicious!

Unripe mango/ green mango  1 ( boiled and pulp is taken)
Mint leaves 6 to 8
Roasted cumin powder  ¼ tsp
Black salt  to taste
Black Pepper  to taste
Salt to taste
Sugar  2 tbsp
Water  ½ cup
Vanilla ice cream  1 dullops each serving
Garnish with cherry

In your blender take the pulp of raw mango, salt ,pepper, sugar, roasted cumin powder, black salt. Give a good blend then add ½ cup of water and make the mixture little thin. You can add few drops of food grade green color to make the color more vibrant. Now take your serving glass make a base of spicy mango mixture then on it give big scoop of vanilla ice cream. Garnish with a red cherry. Now enjoy sweet salty soury creamy chilled mango vanilla treat. I am sure you will love this new paring of mango vanilla treat.

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.


Torviewtoronto said...

looks fabulous and flavourful

Nash Nordin said...

Using unripened mango? Wow! That is something different.

Julie said...

flavorful with mint & delicious!

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