Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pepper Prawn

In my last post I told that the temperature in my town is raising and it raise to 42 degree. The moisture is high too and it is the most awful situation when you have to cook in front of the open flame. My house is not centrally air conditioned which I am trying to do may be by next two months but till then I have to bear the heat in my kitchen. In such time I play some clever tricks just try out something that need less than 10 minutes. Pepper prawn is one such delicious side dish which can be prepared quickly and you can relish with your favorite bread rolls. I am sure you will love the succulent taste of pepper prawn.

Prawns       10 to 12
Onion        1 thickly chopped
Olive oil / butter   1tsp
Freshly chopped mint leaves  1 tsp
Pomegranate seed 1tbsp
Lime juice 1 tsp
Freshly crushed pepper to taste
Salt to taste


Heat olive oil or butter whatever you are using . Then add the clean deveined prawns. Toss for few second. Now add the chopped onion. Toss and cook for a minutes so that the onion get soft and transparent. Now add pomegranate seeds, salt and freshly crushed black pepper. Toss again. Now put off the flame and add finely chopped mint leaves and lime juice. I love to have it with my garlic bread but you can have it with any bread of your choice. By the way I will be celebrating my birthday on the 5th so come back to know my birthday recipe.

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.


My Little Space said...

Howdy Dear! Hmmm...your prawns sound awesome delicious. Hope that I can have some. Hoep you're having a great week ahead.

Shobha said...

Very nice and healthy recipe..will make it.I love prawns.

Julie said...

Very delicious!!

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