Saturday, July 28, 2012

Egg Noodle Soup

I am very busy this week due to some writing projects so friends pardon me if I am bit late to visit all your delicious blogs. In the mean time let me share one of my comfy soup recipe with you all. In a busy weeknights or lazy weekends if you want something spicy and delicious then go for this egg noodles soup. It is a protein packed dish added with the goodness of veggies and a complete full and satisfying meal.


Egg noodles 1   pack boiled
Red yellow and green bell peppers ½ cup each cubed
Large egg 2
Baby corn   ½ cup cubed
Onion 2 cubed
Garlic 2 clove minced
Chicken shredded ½ cup
Chicken stock  3 cup 
 Chinese hot sauce  1 tsp or to taste
Tomato paste  1tsp
Lemon juice 1tbsp
Extra virgin olive oil  2 tbsp
Salt and pepper  to taste


Heat oil in a heavy pot. Add minced garlic and onion stir till opaque. Now add the vegetable, shredded chicken and stir for a minute. Then add hot sauce, tomato paste. Mix well. Add the chicken stock. When it comes to boil then add beaten egg little by little with a spoon don’t stir let the egg cook in that spicy broth. When they become firm add the noodles. Stir adjust seasoning you can add more hot sauce if you want. Put off the flame and add lemon juice. Your hearty spice egg noodles soup is ready.

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.


Katerina said...

Great soup Sutapa! Good luck with your busy schedule!

Julie said...

Yummy soup!!

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Sagarika's Kitchen said...

WoW!!!mouth watering:))
Soup looks yummy n colourful..