Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Begedil ( Malaysian Potato Cutlet)

Begedil is a very popular Malay appetizer. Potato cutlet or potato patties are known as Begedil in Malaysia. It is very easy to make quick dish and those who are new to Malaysian cuisine then this dish is great to start with. With potatoes you can add green peas which are rich in iron and vitamin C, which helps to maintain our immune system, and carrots which provide a lot of nutrition to our body. This is indeed a great party food and you can enjoy with a tall glass of chilled mocktail. I am sure you will love this quick easy and delicious Malaysian appetizer.


Big potatoes 3( peeled washed and cut into circles)
Spring onion 1 bunch finely chopped
Shallots 1 cup fried
Green peas ½ cup
Carrot ½ finely  shredded
Turmeric powder 1tsp
Cilantro handful finely chopped
White pepper powder ½ tsp
Eggs  1 to 2 (beaten)
Oil for deep frying
Salt and pepper to taste

Chilly garlic soy sauce
Sweet Soy sauce 4tbsp
Chilly sauce  2tsp 
Fried garlic paste 1/2 tsp tsp


Traditional recipe calls for deep fry the potato slices and drains oil then mash them in a dry bowl. But I just boiled them on salted water and mashed it . If you have no problem with oil and want to enjoy the real Malaysian taste go for the fried one otherwise take my route. I promise in this way too you will get a very delicious appetizer. One after another add all the other ingredients and mix well. Check the seasoning and shape them in a medium sized ball then press down lightly to make patties shape. Set aside. Now heat enough oil in a deep fryer. Coat each begedil in the beaten egg and fry till lightly golden. Traditionally it is served with chilly sauce but it is bit too hot for me so I make my own dipping sauce. Mix all the sauce ingredients together and your chilly garlic soy sauce is ready. Serve hot begedil with this dipping sauce or you can try it with mayonnaise.

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.


Deeksha said...

crispy and tasty cutlet. love to have this rite now with a cup of tea :)

My Little Space said...

Hello Sweetie, what a lovely afternoon treat. I love it with some Thai chili sauce. Slurppp... Hope everything going well on your side.

Nash Nordin said...

I like them fried and mashed :)

kitchen flavours said...

This is very addictive, I can never stop at just one or two! Especially with some chili sauce, yum!

Katerina said...

This is a very orginal way to cook potatoes! I love the flavors in them!