Friday, August 3, 2012

Pillsbury BBQ Chicken Pizza – “Sponsored Video”

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Good news for all my friends who can’t resist like me when it comes to delicious mouthwatering cheesy pizza. But to make it at home is sometime a daunting job. After a busy day schedule ……how about getting freshly baked healthy BBQ chicken pizza. Easy! Chop, mix and top then bake and enjoy. Pillsbury’s new addition Artisan Pizza Crust With Whole Grain makes that possible. The best part of this Pillsbury Artisan pizza crust is with yummy pizza we will also get the goodness of 16 gram of whole grain per serving. The video below will show how to create hearty warm awesome BBQ chicken pizza. There are more such delicious recipes like taco pizza and Pear and Gargonzala Pizza that can be made with this crust. Visit the Pillsbury site for full recipes.


"Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Pillsbury but written by me.

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.


Julie said...

Very delicious pizza!!

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Lynn Danny said...

We envy you for this delish bbq chicken pizza! We wonder if you mind to join our online cookbook site and share your best recipes to our members? We'll surely be excited to have someone expert like you on our network.