Sunday, March 24, 2013

Saved by Cake by Marian Keyes - Book Review

I always have love for words, any and every good book and mag catch my attention and I get tempted. Food mags and cook book are no exception though lot are there online but I like to keep them as collectibles……sound crazy….can’t help life without a good dash of colorful deliciousness life seems to be so bland ….I get depressed in no time. So when I get the  book Save By Cake from international best selling author Marian Keyes, her chatty, witty style of writing with chock full of great baking advice, delicious recipes and drool worthy pictures (by Alistair Richardson), catch my attention.The book itself is a joy to behold. In Saved by Cake, Keyes provides and extremely candid account of her recent battle  with depression, and her discovery that learning to bake was exactly what she needed to get through each day. Marian find that baking helps to pass the time. In Marian words “ To be perfectly blunt about it, my choice sometimes is: I can kill myself or I can make a dozen of cup cakes.” With chapters on cupcakes, cheesecakes, meringues and macaroons, chocolate cakes and other classics, her recipes are aimed firmly at the beginners or like me who lack confidence when it comes to baking and create some kitchen disaster, but she in a refreshingly honest and wickedly funny style offer hints, tips  and suggestions that even a  first timer can’t resist to try a hand  on this beautiful easy recipes.

Each and every recipe from this book is a keeper but as you all know we all have our personal choices and when it comes to the nutrient rich red balls … I mean beetroot…..who can stop me… beet cake come as first in my top fav list following cranberry macarons….but cranberry sauce is not always handy in my place so I will go with mango which I think will be great in coming summer months and then comes the No- bake ginger and Lime cheese cake...mouthwatering combo of spicy heat of the ginger snaps with a sharp tang of lime....simply irresistible. Marian is truly blessed by the food fairy to bring such awesome baking delight in this wonderful book. Baking books comes out every now and then. Yet Marian Save by Cake stand out for it’s extremity. Cake or die.Hat’s off to her clarity and courage. In a humorous style she share such amazing recipes which can lift the spirit and satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. This book can be a perfect gift for the beginners and even the expert baker, it can be a keeper for someone who don’t love baking but ardent fan of Marian, or for someone who need a cuddle in a book.
A very entertaining and inspiring book. ( Officially on sale March 26, 2013. ) 
Thanks to Penguin for my review copy of Saved by Cake.

Be Happy And Stay Healthy.

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