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A Guide To A Healthier Baking

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No one can resist the smell of fresh bakery. Its alluring aroma can make your mouth full of water and your tummy extremely nervous. Sometimes you just can't resist the challenge. The extra calories on your daily menu is something that is not very good for your health. Lets be real – not everybody have the time and motivation to work out and burn the energy that we have absorbed from our mom's delicious chocolate chip cookies. It is not that you have to stop eating all the irresistible delights nor that you have to spend sweaty ours on the running path. There could an alternative way to cut down the extra calories that we are all so afraid of. One the clever ways to improve the nutrition qualities of your food is to change a bit your old cooking habits with healthier baking. Don't be a stubborn cook and break the habit. The health condition of your beloved ones and your personal also is a crucial factor in life. Think about that while your baking. Love and sugar are important for every bakery but addition extra care for the ones that will taste it would be great.

 We have made a special guide to help you out in the first steps of the path to healthier baking. We promise you sensible effects once you follow our healthier baking guide. Baking healthier doesn't mean that your food would be less tasty.
That is a myth which most people tend to believe.
 In order to cut down the calories and keep the taste you can change the original recipe products with ones which are better for your health. Instead of using milk with high content of fat you can use low fat milk or even better soy milk products. The taste won't change a bit. Replacing butter with vegetable products is another healthy backing trick.
 Most bakery delights have high content of different types of flour. Our advice is to replace a third or even half the flour, butter, liquid mixture with some kind of tasty puree. You make a baking pure from boiled pumpkin, black beans, carrots, sweet potatoes, cannellini beans, bananas and other fruits and vegetables. We guarantee that you won't taste any difference and even you sense a different flavor it will a delicious surprise. This advice is really great for people who are tolerant to gluten since most flours contain high level of gluten. Replacing flour cake mixtures with puree makes a cake eatable for the beloved ones who are gluten intolerant. The same goes for lactose intolerant people and the replacement of milk with soy products.
 You can try to make small adjustments if you are not willing to make such radical changes to your favourite bakery recipe. Instead of using the classic white flour you can try out the whole wheat alternative. The better fiber contend in the whole wheat flour will add a healthier touch to your dough and it will taste the same way.
 One of the easiest ways to make healthier bakery is to go natural. Natural foods and dyes would ease up the calories chart and raise the nutrition levels of your treats. Nuts are good replacements of the crunch toppings that are sold in stores. Also a alternative of milk chocolate is the dark natural chocolate with high content of cocoa butter. White sugar can always be replaced by brown unrefined sugar made out of sugar cane and of course sweet honey.
 We believe that the healthier baking guide will spare you the unwanted calories while you can still enjoy the favorite treats you love.
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Be Happy And Stay Healthy.

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