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THINK HAPPY AND BE HAPPY….. That’s what’s children are. Few years back Sujata a little cute 4 year old girl came to our next door with her parents and Granny. She was so cute that I use to call her “Misti suji “which in Bengali means a sweet dessert. Misti Suji is really a show stopper. Whenever I am standing in our balcony or window next to theirs, I use to see her dancing, hoping and jumping all around. She had her own songs I could never figure out what they really mean but it was just amazing to see a little bird flying in her own sky and always happy. Both of her parents are working so her Granny and her Nanny have really hard time managing this little bird.

 After a month or so Misti Suji became a good friend of mine and in her language I am her Di , okay I too fall in love with this cute sweetie pie. Weekend evenings if I am at home, she use to spend it with me. I have to be a good listener of all her wired stories. Meet all her invisible friends. Spend good time cooking in her small doll’s kitchen all exotic dishes with leaves and pebbles for her baby doll niki and her tiger friend halum.
 She takes me to a ride into my childhood days…and taught me to live forgetting my age….. a bundle of vibrant positive energy. Her meaningless constant chat will make even the gloomy one smile.
 Misti Suji only loves eggs as most kids do. She is far away from vegetables and fruits. If only I make some innovative dishes where I hide them all and then serve with some exciting stories then only she use to have few bites. As her mother is working and Granny is old and her Nanny too doesn’t have time and experience to make such dishes so the kid was lacking sufficient health dose from food which can boost her immune system.
 It was chilling winter afternoon suddenly her Nanny was banging our door. We opened it and asked what happened. Her Nanny told that she was little down since morning and suddenly now she finds out that she was shivering and temperature is running high. We immediately call Doctor and her parents came home soon. Misti Suji was under treatment for 15 days. Then slowly she came back to action again. Those 15 days were really hard to pass for each one of us. It seems like suddenly the sky was clouded and there were no rays of sunshine. The little bird who add smile to all our faces was sleeping with a pale face. She taught how important it is for the child in homes to stay healthy and happy always. They are the real sunshine that keeps the house and all its members shine and smile.
My Mom suggested few healthy habits so that the kids stay well always.
1. Hand washing is very important specially the nails should be taken a good care of as it is the store house of germs.
2. Give at least one fruits daily and make sure that the kid have them and load their favorite dish with veggies in such way that it seems interesting and the kids will enjoy having them.
3. Drink lots of water it will keep the body hydrated and help the body to fight with germs.
4. Get enough sleep.
 Later my Mom also told them that even she was quiet young still Chyawanprash (it is a jam-like cooked mixture of sugar, honey, Triphala, ghee, sesame oil, berries and other herbs and spices. It is prepared as per the instructions suggested in Ayurvedic methods of preventing diseases. Chyawanprash is widelyconsumed in India) is great for all to stay healthy. She was having Dabur Chyawanprash and by the grace of God has never fallen sick since then except for few cuts due to her naughty mischievous nature.
Dabur who has been a household name for all Indian and the first branded Chyawanprash in the country is scientifically proven to provide 3 times immunity that helps to fight virus, flu and infection came up with two exciting flavors of mango and mixed fruit. Our Misti Suji who is now 10 years old became a fan of mango flavor and we are happy that whatever flavor she chooses at the end of the day we will see our bundle of positive energy roaming happy and spreading happiness.

 This post has been written for "A Healthy Child Makes A Happy Home" prompt for the contest by Dabur Chyawanprash in association with IndiBlogger.

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Be Happy And Stay Healthy.

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